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New Mexico Reimagined at Star Ranch, Chimayo, NM
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Northern New Mexico Spend a day in Northern New Mexico.  Visit a living Native American village - Taos Pueblo,  stroll the many galleries in the Taos  art colony, marvel at the Rio Grande River Gorge, and learn about Earthships, the most sustainably built homes in the country.  
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Santa Fe & Pecos Pueblo Ruins Explore the early history of New Mexico.  Visit Santa Fe and Pecos Pueblo. 
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The Star Ranch, NM staff has created some wonderful groupings of things to do and see in different, specific parts of New Mexico.  Links are provided to many of the points of interest, making it easy to get more extensive information.  
Carlsbad Caverns & White Sands From most places in New Mexico, this trip is best accomplished in 2 days, not one.  A more relaxed trip also allows you to see some of the other wonderful sights in SE New Mexico.
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Western New Mexico: Visit Acoma Pueblo: The Sky City Cruise the old Route 66, then explore the volcanoes and flowing lava at the Bandera volcano and The Malpais National Monument A short hike will also take you to the natural ice caves   
Bread, Wine & Chocolate   Northern New Mexico welcomes you to a wonderful world of food!  Dine at three different, and wonderful, Santa Fe restaurants.  Shop for hand-crafted chocolates and sample the fruits of New Mexico’s best vineyards.  The historic Santuario de Chimayo shrine is a charming addition to a delicious day.
The Civil War In New Mexico New Mexico sided with the Union during the Civil War.  Two battles were fought in the territory, as well as a number of skirmishes. Learn about some of the key Civil War historical sites in the state.  
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Breaking Bad Locations The hit TV show Breaking Bad was filmed on location in Albuquerque, NM.  Visit a great selection of locations used in the show, plus have a meal at “Los Pollos Hermanos.”.  
Geology Rocks! Due to the massive forces that have shaped the earth in New Mexico and the relative lack of vegetation to cover the earth, the geology of the state is remarkable, and easily viewed.   
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Ghost Towns of NM New Mexico has “ghost towns” of every kind...mining towns, railroad towns, deserted Indian pueblos, Spanish colonial settlements, old forts, and farming towns hit by hard times.  They all offer us a glimpse into our own past. 
Native American Culture: Past & Present No other place in the country is Native American culture as accessible as it is in New Mexico...from the ancient ruins of the Anasazi to the mission churches of the Spanish conquerors to the villages and reservations that are still home to thriving communities of Native Americans.
The Best of Albuquerque The largest city in the state, Albuquerque has a wide array of fun, interesting, and educational activities for the entire family.  
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Route 66 and Neon Lights Route 66, The Mother Road, cut through the center of New Mexico, leaving a legacy of broken dreams, heartache, and the spirit of a people seeking the American Dream.  Many of the businesses that sprang up to greet weary travelers have become landmarks that can still be seen today.
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Georgia O’Keeffe In 1929, O’Keeffe began working part of the year in Northern New Mexico.  She made the state her permanent home in 1949.  O’Keeffe depicted subjects specific to our area. O'Keeffe has been recognized as the Mother of American Modernism.  Visit her home, her museum and her inspirational NM sights.
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