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New Mexico sided with the Union during the Civil War.  Two battles were fought in the territory, as well as a number of skirmishes. Valverde Battlefield The Battle of Valverde was a major Confederate success in the New Mexico Campaign of the American Civil War. The belligerents were Confederate cavalry from Texas and several companies of Arizona militia versus U.S. Army regulars and Union militia from northern New Mexico and Colorado. St. Augustine Pass On July 25, 1861, Union Major Isaac Lynde abandons Fort Fillmore. He surrenders to Confederate Lt. Col. John Robert Baylor at San Augustine Pass on July 27th. Fort Union On March 22.1862, Colonel Slough left Fort Union with 1,342 volunteers and regulars, including Ritter's and Claflin's batteries, to participate in the decisive battle on the Santa Fe Trail at Apache Canyon and Glorieta Pass, March 26 and 28. Fort Craig Fort Craig played a crucial role in Indian campaigns and the Civil War. Military excursions from Fort Craig pursued such notable Apache leaders as Geronimo, Victorio and Nana. Socorro On February 23, 1862, the Confederate forces break camp, leaving Union forces at their backs, and capture the town of Socorro on the Rio Grande River. Old Town Albuquerque When word came that Confederate forces were marching on Albuquerque, military supplies and other material were moved, buried or burned to prevent their use by the Southern forces.  On March 6, 1862, Sibley  moved into the adobe home of Rafael Armijo and his younger brother Manuel, which became his headquarters. Santa Fe On March 10, 1862, Confederates took Santa Fe.  A little over a week later, Rebel forces began moving eastward along the Santa Fe Trail with the objective of capturing Fort Union, northeast of Pecos. Glorieta Pass The Battle of Glorieta Pass, the decisive battle of the New Mexico Campaign of the American Civil War was fought here in March 1862. The victory by the Union Army (primarily in the form of the Colorado Militia) prevented the breakout of the Confederate Army forces onto the High Plains and northward along the base of the Rocky Mountains Canoncito at Apache Canyon At this site, Union forces destroyed a Confederate supply train contributing to the Confederate loss at the battle of Glorieta, six miles to the east. Cubero Ammunition Depot March 3, 1862, four Confederate soldiers took the nearby ammunition depot at Cubero, NM. Mesilla A small, rural town where Confederate soldiers straggled in after the battle at Valverde.

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Please bring sunscreen, a jacket, and dress in layers.  Outside temperatures can vary widely with season, time of day, and elevation. Be sure to bring a lot of water and juice with you.  It is very easy to become dehydrated in the dry, desert heat.
The Civil War in New Mexico