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New Mexico Reimagined at Star Ranch, Chimayo, NM
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If you’re willing to be on the road for around 16 hours in one day, you can travel from Albuquerque or Santa Fe to visit two of New Mexico’s most amazing and most loved attractions Carlsbad Caverns and White Sands National Monument and return north in the same day. A more comfortable trip involves staying over night in southeastern New Mexico.  This will reduce fatigue and allow you to enjoy the trip and some of the other interesting sights in the region.   We highly recommend that you plan your Carlsbad Caverns visit to include the bat flight at sunset.  Hundreds of thousands of bats exit the cave every evening to search for insects to eat.  It is one of nature’s true spectaculars! If you have ANY health or mobility issues, or time constraints, you should avoid the walk into the cave down the steep, slippery, and poorly lit walkway.  Instead, use the elevator to the bottom of the cave where you will see almost all of the best formations without a great deal of exertion.  There is a snack counter at the base of the elevator so you can eat a quick lunch inside the cave!  Bring cash or a major credit card.  Checks are not accepted. Explore the historic adobe Visitor’s Center at White Sands and hike the gypsum sand dunes.  If you can, take a large piece of flat cardboard or a snow saucer to slide on the dunes.  Photographing the white sand dunes is more effective early and late in the day when there is less glare and the shadows are more pronounced. PLEASE NOTE: Any shoes, clothing or equipment, including cell phones, cameras, etc. that have been worn or used in other caves that might harbor the White- Nose Bat virus CANNOT be taken into Carlsbad Caverns. Bring a jacket!  The temperature inside the caverns can drop as low as 55F.

For Your Comfort

Please bring sunscreen, sunglasses. a jacket, and dress in layers.  Outside temperatures can vary widely with season, time of day, and elevation. Be sure to bring a lot of water and juice with you.  It is very easy to become dehydrated in the dry, desert heat.
Carlsbad Caverns & White Sands